Why Choose Us?

Our work as a cooperative team brings together a wide range of skill sets and experience that creates a seamless production environment. Our extensive backgrounds in content creation give us the expertise to visualize, adapt and deliver.

Ultimately we love helping create brand imagery that communicates authenticity, trust, and industry leadership. We believe in building long-lasting relationships and see the strategic value that grows through time and experience.

We are leaders in our industry with over 15 years of professional photography experience. With our storytelling documentary wedding & event brand, JOS & TREE, we have been honored to be conference speakers, workshop trainers, contest judges, study with the best of the best, extensively published, and have won over 100 international awards. We are also brand ambassadors/partners with several photography-based companies.

Through this journey, we decided to create a separate brand to differentiate between the two, and so WOOD & SMITH, our commercial photography brand was born. Combined we have literally photographed thousands of individuals and businesses large & small across the globe.